Even with 35 years of motorcycling experience in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Brazil and Europe, I can only say after participating in Frontera’s Málaga to Madrid tour that it was superb. It can only be recommended
— Henrik Kristensen, Asnaes, Denmark
On behalf of the MC team, Peter T, Ivan, Johan, Kim, Mogens, Rasmus and Peter S, I would like to thank Frontera for an outstanding and in every aspect successful tour. We appreciate the big effort put into organizing an unforgettable trip where we passed through fantastic routes and curves in the mountains and natural parks of Southern Spain. The many historic hotels and cosy restaurants fitted nicely to our demanding taste. Also, I am sure, that we, who forgot to listen well at history class in school, now are fully aware of what the Moors and the Romans have meant for the Spanish culture. It was a great pleasure to hear the guide, at the daily morning brief, draw on his wide knowledge about almost everything in Spain
— Henrik Frosig, Copenhagen, Denmark
This is world class
— Peter Schwensen, Fredensborg, Denmark
I joined Frontera’s tour from Málaga to Madrid, May 2014. It was a excellently organized and executed trip with a good mix of riding, nature and culture. Can only be recommended.
— Erik Jensen, Fredericia, Denmark
You can join Frontera’s tours with peace of mind - their tours are second to none
— Johan Scheel, Kirke Saaby, Denmark
It was great to join Frontera on last week’s tour which was planned down to the smallest detail. It was incredible to participate in this adventure where nothing was left to the chance - hence it was posibble just to lean back and enjoy. Routes, culture, nature and hotels surpassed the expectations. All in all a superb tour
— Mogens Tholstrup, Cape Town, South Africa
Optimal balance of motorcycle riding, nature impressions and historical insights
— Henrik Frosig, Copenhagen, Denmark


Many thanks for sending the nice photos from our tour in the Heart of Spain; I have already shown them proudly to my family and friends telling them how great the trip was in terms of organization, landscape, participants etc. – thanks a lot once more to make it happen!
— Hans Stadel, Hamburg, Germany