Week-end Breaks: Arrive late on Thursday - drive Friday to Monday and go home Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Andalusia - Sierra Nevada and the Moorish villages (Start/end Málaga)

The route starts in Málaga Friday morning and takes us quickly into the soft Sierra Nevada mountain range which hosts the highest peak on the peninsula, almost 3.500 m above sea level. We reside here one night and the next day we visit one of the morisco villages which were founded in the 15’th century by the moors who chose to convert to Catholicism and stay in Spain. Sierra Nevada provides us we a lot of great sweepers and some breathtaking views.

From here we move on to the largest natural park in Spain where we reside for two nights. This is a true natural paradise and we will have a great day moving around its lakes and peaks which ranges from 600 to 2400 m above sea level. We stop for lunch in an extremely well hidden small local restaurant where the gastronomic level is simple yet nothing but extraordinarily good.

The Pyrenees - Mountain tour (Start/end Barcelona)

The route starts in Barcelona Friday morning. In less than a couple of hours we are well into the Pyrenees - such a spectacular and vast mountain range. Our destination for the day is a small and very charming mountain village. Following this, we will continue our journey and pass some of the highest and famous passes. This is truly a paradise for bikers - perhaps one of the best in Europe.